Why AmstelNet

We know that every moment of a visitor's online experience determines loyalty and trust scores, and what marketers need is the ability to push real-time personalised, dynamic content at their fingertips.

AmstelNet's adaptive Morphing suite is extremely effective. Why? Two reasons. First, the information is highly relevant because it's not only based on expressed interest but also based on predicted areas of interest identified by actual behaviour. Second, you have full control as to when and what you would like to communicate to your audience, which should be at the time that you feel your prospect is most likely to convert.

Morphing is making it easier to perfect the targeting of your marketing message, it's also revolutionising the management of your entire marketing campaign. The use of morphing allows you to do more sophisticated marketing with fewer resources. Plus, automation eliminates slow, costly, and error-prone human intervention which helps ensure that you can conduct even the most complex, multichannel campaigns quickly, consistently, and on schedule.