Subsbooster lets you create a range of logically linked purchase pages to form the campaign that can be tied in to any other on- and offline campaign. Once created campaigns can be viewed, edited, duplicated, deleted and launched to the production environment.

SubsBooster is a powerful, yet easy to use e-commerce platform developed by AmstelNet, which allows marketing managers to create (subscription) web pages autonomously without the aid of web developers or designers. The system is well established and notable clients who use this platform include The Financial Times, The Economist and The Washington Post. Our methods and use of the system have proved to maximise conversion rates in an online environment.

Each client's situation is unique due to the inheritance of different operator systems, SubsBooster can interact with all of these. Retrieving and updating information between your CRM, payment providers, and any other 3rd parties.

SubsBooster allows the creation of responsive templates, where the layout, contents, fields, products and payment methods of a subscription page are automatically adjusted in accordance with the dimension of the browser window. Marketers can also showcase the offers, fields and payment methods that suit these devices in an optimum way.

Why AmstelNet

We know that every moment of a visitor’s online experience determines loyalty and trust scores, and what marketers need is the ability to push real-time personalised, dynamic content at their fingertips.