StyleBooster provides you with a flexible responsive template that allows marketing managers to create virtually any kind of template to fit their brand requirements without the need for technical support.

Each page template is divided into sections and each section can be edited with the various style editors available in StyleBooster. These drag and drop style editors allow you to define how many offer-boxes you would like to display on your page as well as for example the appearance of: the background, fonts and spacing of each section. When you have finished designing your template in StyleBooster you can export it to SubsBooster.

The templates serve as the skeleton upon which SubsBooster can build specific campaign pages and marketing offers. For example, in StyleBooster you can create a template for "Daily Newspaper", and in SubsBooster you can pick up this template and create campaign: "Inserts May 2017"

StyleBooster offers not only the option to create landing page templates, but a full range of templates so that you can maximise the return from your traffic. These templates include: upsell, rescue, cross sells, login, splash confirmation pages and e-mail templates.

Why AmstelNet

We know that every moment of a visitor’s online experience determines loyalty and trust scores, and what marketers need is the ability to push real-time personalised, dynamic content at their fingertips.