Financial Services

Today's financial services consumers seek unique personalised offers, messages, pricing and recommendations from their providers. Therefore, personalisation is a crucial tool for business generation and market differentiation resulting in higher conversion and customer satisfaction. "Generic product advice and services support will not do for today's financial services customers. They expect their data to be leveraged into personalized advice and benefits, tailored to their life stage, financial goals and personal needs." -
(Link to the study)
(Link to the study)

Get to know your financial services customers with CAMEO. Build your user profiles through tracking the user behavior on your website. CAMEO will allow you to deliver personalised, 1:1 marketing experiences for every customer segment, enabling you to engage with your audience, show relevant content, design and ultimately provide the best financial services recommendations and user experience.

With Cameo you can:

  • Recognise
    Recognise visitors on your website, this allows you to respond real time and show relevant content.
  • Track
    Track the content, categories or ads a visitor engages with. Monitor which items he spent the most time and what the visitor is looking to accomplish during each visit and over time in order to personalise your financial services website.
  • Engage
    Engage with visitors "in the moment" with relevant messages, offers, recommendations and related content triggered by their (lack of) actions and intent.
  • Conversate
    When someone lands on your site and views several products or comes from a Facebook or Google ad, or from an email campaign, continue the conversation with related content the moment they arrive and on subsequent visits.
  • Navigate
    MORPH the navigation menu so the visitor can quickly access information that is relevant to that visitor.
  • Test
    Conduct A/B or multivariable testing of different Morph configurations.
  • Integrate
    Connect your CRM, marketing automation and other systems so valuable customer intelligence - maintained outside Cameo - can be used to deliver real-time personalised experiences.
  • Data Enrichment
    De-Anonymise visitors and use data to understand unknowns. Bridge offline and online user data and ultimately find out what users want.

Why AmstelNet

We know that every moment of a visitor’s online experience determines loyalty and trust scores, and what marketers need is the ability to push real-time personalised, dynamic content at their fingertips.