Cameo allows your website to recognise each individual visitor and interact with them on a personal level realtime. Adaptive morphing will increase conversion, optimise sales, reduce customer service costs, strength brand perception, increase trust scores and supports the overal objective of your website.

Cameo allows marketers to compile a segment based on specific criteria and attach a unique morphing configuration to each visitor segment. By observing visitors' clickstreams and user journey, each by the visitor's initiated event becomes a decision point that reveals more about the visitor's present state of mind. These events trigger your website to continuously morph, changing its functionality, content, and aesthetics and will personalise your website for each individual visitor.

A website might morph by changing the content or banners displayed, by reducing or expanding a menu bar, or by adding or deleting functional characteristics such as links, tools, and dialogue boxes. Irrelevant advertising, content only pertinent to first time visitors or existing clients, will be replaced by content that best presents your brand to each individual user.

When every inch of your website is calibrated to best benefit your visitors, it is also best calibrated for your benefit! with stronger potential for Subscription sales, advertising sales, and customer confidence.

Why AmstelNet

We know that every moment of a visitor’s online experience determines loyalty and trust scores, and what marketers need is the ability to push real-time personalised, dynamic content at their fingertips.